Dear Candidates

For the CUSTOMS BROKERS LICENSING WRITTEN EXAM Preparation, we have prepared comprehensive yet simple study material that allows working professionals, who due to their job/business get very less time to study for the exam, to prepare themselves sufficiently.

For the written exam we suggest a two pronged strategy,
  1. Increase knowledge of Customs Law and Allied Laws as required for the CBLR Rule 6 exam.
  2. Test yourself before the exam
To implement the above strategy we have the below study material
  1. CUSTOMS BROKERS LICENSING EXAM GUIDE – The gain requisite knowledge
  2. MOCK TEST SERIES – To test yourself


The Best Guide for Complete Exam Preparation

Price: INR 1250.00

Key Benefit of content

  • Actual questions that appeared in previous 14 years
  • Answers in simple language to all questions
  • Segregation of questions in different study chapters
  • Last 5 years actual question paper provided for format reference

The Customs Brokers Licensing Exam Guide is meant for superior examination preparation of working professionals & students aspiring to become a Customs Broker. It is especially meant for examinees who do not get enough time to prepare because of professional & family commitments. The book has been especially written in simple yet effective language that can help you score more in the exam. One differentiating factor in this book is that it thoroughly analyses previous question papers & allocation of marks to the questions in order to bring out the relative importance of different topics.  The topics have been conveniently segregated into different chapters for the benefit of the user.

This book not only aims to enable you to pass the CBL Examination but also to gives you enough expertise to manage and handle various issues that crop up in day to day working. We have all through tried to include all questions covered in previous years’ examinations but in addition, we tried to cover various topics comprehensively so that your knowledge is complete to the possible extent.

Contents that are covered in this edition are as follows:

The CUSTOMS BROKER EXAM GUIDE has been bought by candidates from across the country and is the largest selling book for this exam category.


Price: INR 1250.00

Being working professionals, many candidates are out of touch with the act of sitting and writing this lengthy exam of 3 hours. We have received feedback from candidates that even though they knew all questions in the exam, still due to lack of written practice they were not able to finish the exam on time. This can be a serious setback as there are only 4 chances to clear the exam and wasting a chance only because of lack of writing practice or writing speed is not acceptable. Therefore, In order to Test your Written Exam Preparation for the upcoming Rule 6 exam in January, we provide a Set of 5 Mock Tests to aid you practice not only completing the exam in the required time but also write the content that help you score more marks.

Key Benefits of the Content

  • To practice extensively on answer writing skills
  • To test the current preparation level
  • To understand improvement required
  • To see whether progress is being made test by test in scores
  • To thoroughly revise the syllabus

The tests are based on the Exam Pattern of CBLR, Rule 6 and this will give you necessary writing practice before the actual exam.

Each test has to be attempted within the time limit of 3 hours and the answer sheets have to be sent to us for Evaluation. You can send scan copies of the answer sheet or courier the actual papers.

After evaluation we will give required question by question feedback. This will give you confidence and help you test your preparation level.


Mail us your order on bhargavabooks@gmail.com and share complete delivery address for courier purpose.

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South India: Delivery is done via The Professional Couriers
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We very humbly record a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when candidates ring up from all over the country to tell us that they have cleared both the written and oral examination by preparing from our book. It is a great feeling and you feel it when you hear such a message from individuals who are not known to you but simply want us to share their happiness being an important partner in their success story.

Some of our candidates who passed the written exam using our study material